Making of – Pieter Henket – Photofairs New York

It’s not as easy as it seems to make the most beautiful prints possible. It all starts with the first contact with Pieter and the work sheet with the hanging plan of the Gallery. Making the first digital prints with Pieter Henket’s analog baryta print as a reference. Testing, correcting, testing, correcting, until we get the feel and look of the baryta print. Checking all the images before the final prints are produced. Judging of the Final Art prints and allow them to ‘dry’ before packing them. Packing and shipping with DHL Express to NYC. Framing at Laumont studio. When it is done by people with understanding and passion for their work, it is ultimately not as difficult as it seems. Here’s a little look behind the scenes, with many thanks to Laumont Framing NY.

  • On 30 juli 2023