• Posted 20 maart 2024

Wakker Dier | Anne Stalinski

Anne Stalinski, together with Wakker Dier, for better living conditions for animals. Change is needed, reproductions made by The Final Art Print. Thanks to Jannemieke Oostra.
  • Posted 4 februari 2024

Jeroen Hofman | The National Maritime Museum

Exhibition ‘Redders op zee’ , made by Jeroen Hofman and Robin de Puy. About 200 years Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM). Exhibition at Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam ( Februari 23th – October 7th 2024) and throughout the country at 11 maritime museums in the Netherlands. Images of Jeroen Hofman printed at The Final Art Print.
  • Posted 8 november 2023

Paris Photo 2023

Paris Photo 2023, The Final Art Print representative at 3 Galleries. With Ilona Langbroek and Jeffrey Conley/Bildhalle, Bastiaan Woudt/Fahey Klein and Justine Tjallinks/Sophie Scheidecker.
  • Posted 6 september 2023

Pieter Henket | Photofairs New York

Pieter Henket with ‘ Birds of Mexico’ during Photofairs New York, 8-10 September 2023, represented by Bildhalle Zürich.
  • Posted 30 juli 2023

Making of – Pieter Henket – Photofairs New York

It’s not as easy as it seems to make the most beautiful prints possible. It all starts with the first contact with Pieter and the work sheet with the hanging plan of the Gallery. Making the first digital prints with Pieter Henket’s analog baryta print as a reference. Testing, correcting, testing, correcting, until we get […]